Monday, June 14, 2010

One Wednesday Evening in May 2010

I was cooking dinner today. I went to frig and got out my big red onion I had just bought. I was so excited because I had just used up the old one- God made it last.

I cut into the onion and the inner shell was brown. I was SO offended. Before I KNEW I was offended- I was offended. I looked at the onion with this thought in mind, "I just bought you" Then I began to think about our own hearts. How the Bible says that "above all else the heart is deceitfully wicked and no one knows our hearts but the Lord" [paraphrase].
So, I'm like I'm still gonna use this onion! There is nothing like a red onion, ya'll! I had planned on using it for many a meals! (and its going to make this mal great!). So I did what any Iron Chef from the hood would do, I cut that mug out! I cut the heart out! I had to. If I left it in there it would have infected the entire onion. There is a striking similarity to what we have to do- WE have to allow God "cut" at our hearts.
I just begin weeping (yes, I said weeping, cause that is what I was doing before the LORD). As I prepared our meal- I just replayed these moments over and over and allowed the Holy Spirit to minister to me about my own heart. I am so glad my God doesn't say to me, I just bought you, and now look at ya- I am so glad He doesn't look at me and say, 'You're no good' and toss me out. Instead He takes time to "cut" the yuckiness of my heart and replaces it with holiness and righteousness. Because all the long - He was planning on using me just like He intended.
He's still planning on using you too!

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